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Drop In Inventory Fuels Sales Slowdown

Drop in Inventory Fuels Sales Slowdown [INFOGRAPHIC] Friday May 25th, 2018  For Buyers, For Sellers, InfographicsSome Highlights: Existing Home Sales are now at an annual

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Selling Your House On Your Own Could Cost You

Selling Your House on Your Own Could Cost You Thursday May 24th, 2018  For Sellers, FSBOs, Selling MythsIn this extremely hot real estate market, some homeowners might

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Why Have Interest Rates Jumped To A 7 Year High

Why Have Interest Rates Jumped to a 7-Year High? Wednesday May 23rd, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Housing Market Updates,Interest Rates, Move-Up

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Is Your First Home Within Your Grasp Now INFOGRAPHIC

Is Your First Home Within Your Grasp Now? [INFOGRAPHIC] Friday May 18th, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Infographics, Millennials, Move-Up BuyersSome

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